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Choosing The Right Motorcycle Touring Boots

If you have recently invested in your first motorcycle and looking to join a local touring club, you need to make sure you have the right protective apparel for long rides. Your clothes, including your footwear, are also your part of your safety gear. When you begin shopping for appropriate shoes, you may be confused by all of the different types of motorcycle boots on the market. However, the following guide can help you choose the right boots for long rides with your bike-loving pals.


Standard motorcycle boots are made of heavy duty reinforced leather. Some brands will add other man-made materials to the leather to increase their durability. Any boot you purchase should be labeled as water and crack resistant.

Many brands of touring boots are enhanced with Gore-Tex or Cambrelle linings to enhance the ventilation and water-resistance of boots. Boots made with these synthetic linings, like Gaerne boots, may repel the water while enhancing breathability so your feet stay ventilated.


When you shop, opt for taller boots not the shorter boots that are the height of high-top sneakers. If you are a beginner, you need the protection of the boots for your legs. Also, taller boots will shield your legs from heat of exhaust pipes.

However, the boots you select for touring should not extend past the bottom of your knee. You need to be able to maneuver your feet and legs well enough to operate all of the controls of the bike in a safe manner. The above-knee or crotch-high boots you see in fashion magazines may look cool but are completely impractical for long tours.

Boots that are too high will also start cutting into the back of your knee and cause sores where the shaft grazes the skin. The boots should also fit comfortably around your calves.

Soles and Closures

The sole of the boot is very important. Choose boots with deeply grooved lug soles that will not slip in mud, water or oil. The grip and traction of the sole are crucial for preventing your feet from slipping when you have to put your feet down during a traffic stop or while parking. Do not buy boots with smooth soles because you will lose control of the bike if your foot slips.

In addition, the sole should be made out of heat and oil resistant material. High quality soles will not melt from the heat generated your bike. Oil causes ordinary shoe soles to deteriorate.

Make sure the manufacturer's description specifies that sole does not leave marks on floors. When you get home from riding, you do not want to leave black marks or your tile or hardwood floors.

The boots your purchase should have zipper or buckle closures. Dangling laces or other hanging closures can get caught in the motorcycle parts such as the brake pedal and gear shifter.

Maintenance Supplies

While high quality motorcycle boots are not cheap, they are well worth the expense for protecting your feet and enhancing your safety. Protect your investment by cleaning your boots after each time you ride. Use a damp cloth to wipe away mud, salt and dirt that can cause leather to dry out.

You can purchase leather conditioner, saddle soap and brushes from boot suppliers to polish your boots periodically.

No matter what type of boot you purchase, stick to popular brands that have been in business for decades. Your fellow club members can probably provide you with a list of the most well-known and trusted motorcycle boot brands to help you as you shop for footwear. In general, motorcycle boots are cool-looking apparel, so regardless of which brand you buy, your outfit will undergo an immediate style upgrade when you slip on your riding footwear.

Last but not least, wear your protective gear at all times, including your boots, to increase your safety while on the road and always conduct a pre-ride check before every outing.