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Buying a Boat? The Different Types of Boat Repair Services You May Require

If you are looking into buying a boat, you may want to talk to a marine services company. While you have probably had to deal with a mechanic or two for your automobiles, having a boat is a bit different. There are a number of different types of marine services you should know about to prepare yourself for boat ownership.


Most boat mechanics can work on both inboard and outboard motors. However, some shops will require that you bring the motor in to them. If you are not up to pulling an inboard motor out of the hull, you need to be sure to have someone willing to come and take it out for you or to work on it at the dock. Of course, if you, or a friend, are mechanically inclined, you may be able to take care of the engine without the need of a shop. However, you must understand how water, especially salt water, can affect the inner workings of the engine.


Boats can be made of metals, wood, or fiberglass. You will want to find a shop that deals with the type of boat you have. Repairing a wood hull will require different skill than fixing a fiberglass or metal one. In addition, the vessel will probably require some type of sealant to prevent damage to the base material and keep the boat leak-proof. While a small leak will not keep you from using most boats, you will still need to fix it so it does not grow and become a major issue.


Cleaning a boat is much different than cleaning your car. Algae, barnacles, and other marine plants, animals, and debris can be difficult to remove. In addition, some things that adhere to the hull can also get into the motor or clog pipes. This can have damaging effects on the engine and require major repair if left alone.

Having a team that can repair your boat before you make the purchase can save you time and money. In addition to keeping your from having to call around to find someone to fix something, you can have the different professionals go with you to look the vessel over. Have someone check out the engine and look over the hull and body for problems. It can save you a lot of grief over problems you weren't aware of and allow you to get a better price on the boat. For more information, talk to marine services like Top 2 Bottom Boat and RV Repair & Restoration.