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What To Consider When Choosing An ATV For A Child

An ATV is a great present for any child that enjoys an adventure. However, as a parent, it's always your responsibility to ensure that your child is safe. So, if you're planning to purchase an ATV for your child, make sure you know what points to consider during your selection process. Here are some tips to get you started.


Before you ever look at your first ATV, the first thing you want to do is assess the maturity level of your child and keep in mind that age and maturity don't always go hand-in-hand. A child that is mature enough for one of these powerful machines listens to rules and understands dangers. If you are not confident your child is mature enough yet, you don't want to put them on an ATV just yet; give the child some time. 


A significant style difference you will find between ATVs is their wheel design. An ATV can come in two primary forms, a four-wheel design or a three-wheel design. Neither option is necessarily better than the other, but certain people pair better with specific designs. For the most part, if the child is just starting out and has no experience, a four-wheel design might be a better option. However, for an older child that has experience, such as a teenager, a three-wheel design might be satisfactory. 


When you purchase the ATV, make sure you are also purchasing the appropriate gear to go along with the vehicle. First, start with a helmet. Don't just choose any helmet, but choose one that fits on the child's head securely and that is rated to be impact-resistant. While an accident is something you want to avoid, it's impossible to predict the future. However, if your child has a helmet on, their chances of a head injury if an accident does occur will be reduced drastically. 


The environment the child will ride the ATV in also matters, as it will determine what level of power is necessary. For example, if the child will be riding along a flat, grassy surface, the motor will not have to be as powerful as that in an ATV for a child that will be riding uphill on a more rigid terrain. Should you choose an ATV with a motor that is not powerful enough, the child won't have a good experience. 

When the right ATV is used appropriately, these fun machines are a great way to keep your child active, give them confidence and give them the opportunity explore the outdoors. An ATV retailer can assist you with the selection process, or you can visit sites like for more information.