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Body Damage Your Boat Could Suffer

Damage to your boat's hull can be a significant problem you have to address. Failing to effectively repair the body damage that your boat could experience may compromise its safety as a person may be at a greater risk of experiencing a catastrophic hull failure while they are using the boat.


Boat owners may assume that any damage to the body of their vehicle will be extremely noticeable. While this is often the case, microfractures can also be a substantial problem that many boats will encounter. These fractures can be difficult to see, but they can cause large sections of the boat's body to be severely weakened. Due to the small size and extreme danger of microfractures, individuals should have their boats periodically assessed for this damage. Luckily, there are tools that boat body damage repair providers can use to determine whether microfractures are present as well as their location. This can make it possible to plan for effective repairs.

Collision Damage

Collision damage is another issue that boat owners may have to repair. The docking process can be one of the more common instances where individuals may be likely to experience a collision with their boat. However, some of the more damaging collisions will occur when the boat is traveling over open water. Failing to see a large branch or other objects in the water could lead to the boat striking it at a high speed, which could quickly cause extensive damage to the hull. If you experience one of these collisions, the boat's body should be closely inspected for signs of damage before you use it again so that you avoid a potential hull failure.


Older boats or those that have not been effectively maintained can be prone to suffering delamination of the exterior hull. This is a serious problem that has the potential to ruin your boat and may force you to replace it. During this process, the fiberglass hull's layers will actually start to come apart. If delamination starts occurring to your vehicle, it can dramatically worsen very quickly. Effective maintenance is one of the most important steps for avoiding this problem. In particular, the body of the boat should be protected against the intense ultraviolet light from the sun. Over the years, this type of sunlight can cause extensive damage to the fiberglass, which may lead to widespread delamination occurring throughout the body and hull of the boat.

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