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Important Traits For An Aftermarket UTV Windshield

If you buy a utility vehicle that doesn't come with a windshield, one of your first subsequent purchases may be an aftermarket windshield. UTV accessories stores have many of these products, so you won't have any difficulty finding one for your make and model of vehicle. It's a good idea to evaluate a few different products that are the right size so that you can check what traits they each offer. Here are three traits that are important to look for when you buy an aftermarket UTV windshield.

Scratch Free

When you look at different aftermarket UTV windshields, you'll see some products that feature the wording "scratch free" on their labels or in their online product descriptions. This is a vital characteristic for this product, especially if you plan to do activities such as trail riding. You can expect that your UTV will travel through overgrown areas on multiple occasions, which means that branches will slap against your windshield as you pass. A windshield that isn't rated as scratch free may eventually develop small scratches that impede your view from the driver's seat, while a scratch-free product will stay undamaged.

Air Vents

You'll see certain UTV windshields that have small air vents in one or more locations. Commonly, these vents are positioned at the bottom of the windshield. Air vents are handy because they allow some air to flow into the cockpit area of your UTV. Riding without a windshield can simply be too windy, whereas a windshield that doesn't feature air vents will entirely block the air. Some small vents will allow a bit of fresh air to hit your body, which can feel pleasant when you're riding on hot days. Air vents toward the bottom of the windshield will ensure that the air makes contact with your body instead of your face.

Easy To Install/Remove

While there are some people who may install their UTV windshield and never remove it, there can be scenarios in which removing this accessory is handy. For example, if you plan to use your UTV for projects around your property, there may be various instances in which you want to remove it. If you're carrying long pieces of lumber or pipes, removing the windshield will allow you to lay these materials in the center of the vehicle so that they stick out where the windshield used to be. A windshield that allows you to install and remove it quickly and easily will be desirable in such instances.

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