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Benefits Of Having A Reverse Gear In Your Personal Watercraft

When you own a personal watercraft, you'll spend an overwhelming majority of your time moving forward. However, there can be specific times when it's handy to be able to back up. In these moments, you want to have a watercraft that is equipped with a reverse gear. It may surprise you if you're new to this type of marine vessel, but not every personal watercraft has a reverse gear. Lower-end models, for example, often lack the ability to reverse. When you shop, make sure that any model you're interested in buying is capable of reversing. Here are some benefits of being able to move in this direction.

Easier Mooring

When it's time to moor your personal watercraft to a dock, you'll find that having a reverse gear makes this process much easier. While it's relatively easy to pull alongside some docks, getting into the right position at certain marinas can be more challenging. You want to position your watercraft in a designated area that allows you to easily get out when you're ready to leave, and being able to reverse this vessel with the flip of a switch will make the mooring process go smoothly.

Ability To Counter A Current

You'll occasionally find yourself wanting to keep your personal watercraft stationary, but a current in the water makes this challenging. This can particularly occur when you're fishing from this small vessel. There are lots of advantages to fishing on a personal watercraft, but if you're continuously drifting because of the current, you won't be able to maintain your position. This can be a good time to shift the watercraft into reverse. The gentle backward propulsion can counteract the current, allowing you to remain stationary as you fish.

Maneuvering In Tight Quarters

A lot of people who buy personal watercraft enjoy going on outings with other watercraft owners. Getting together in a local body of water and spending several hours cruising can be a fun summer activity. In these scenarios, you'll often find yourself floating among a tight group of other vessels—perhaps as you all discuss your travel plans, for example. In this scenario, it may often be convenient if you can shift your watercraft into reverse when you need to move in a certain way. Doing so can be easier than moving forward and perhaps having to disrupt the position of other vessels to get into the position you want.

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